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The Best Airsoft Pistol Holsters

Written by Harry Townsend

There are two main scenarios why Airsoft players would use their pistols in an Airsoft game. The first scenario is when they use their pistols from the start in close quarters combat. The second scenario is when they need to transition to the pistol from the rifle because the rifle ammunition is depleted, or the rifle does not want to fire for whatever reason. In this article we are focusing on the specific types of holsters that are best suited for the game of Airsoft. Remember that the type of belt you use with your holster matters a lot.


 Adjustable Molle Drop Leg Holster nylon or canvas



Holsters like the Carlebben and Nehostertfy fits all size handguns from full size to compact and is made from nylon or canvas. The design of these holsters keeps your gun in the ready position. The straps that fit around your thigh are rubber lined on the inside to prevent the holsters from slipping down as cheap drop leg holsters so often do.

These holsters can be fastened around your belt without having to loosen it and another Velcro adjustable weapon retaining strap keeps your gun in place. The wrap-around design is made to fit pistols with flashlights or lasers already mounted. That means you can almost fit anything into these holsters.

Drop leg holsters or thigh holsters sit a bit lower than OWB (Outside Waist Band) holsters. They are more comfortable when they are good quality, but because they sit lower than a belt holster it takes your hand a fraction of a second longer to get to your gun once you let go of your rifle pistol grip. You will pay around $35 for this type of holster on eBay.

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LIVIQILY Tactical Thigh Belt Drop Gun Holster for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31 and 32



The polymer speed cut design of this holster allows for the drawing of your weapon while keeping your eyes on the target and then rebolstering without even looking. Even though it is made of polymer its slightly flexible for a better fit. The holster includes pockets for a magazine and another picatinny rail attachment. It also has a belt attachment if you do not want to wear it on your thigh.

What I like about this holster is that the gun sits high up in the holster. The gun is held in place with a release catch easily accessible with your index finger, even when wearing gloves. The downside to this is that when you use your trigger finger to release that same finger may slip onto the trigger and fire the gun, thus shooting yourself in the leg. Of course, the more you use and practice with it, as you should, the less chances are for that to happen.

This holster however is only for Glock model 17, 19, 22, 23, 31 and 32 pistols. Glocks are one of the most popular brands so if you have a Glock then using this holster should give you a distinct advantage. One can get holsters similar to this for other handguns as well, but these types of holsters tend to be pricey. This one can be found on eBay for much cheaper.

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UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster


This reasonably-priced holster is made of nylon and fits a wide variety of guns. The guns fit snugly and are easy enough to draw. Some people find the belt loop to not be secure enough, but with some tweaking that can be fixed. Because it is made of nylon it will become worn-in the longer you use it, where polymer or Kydex holsters remain rigid.

The strap that holds the pistol in place may loosen very easily, but that can be an advantage for quick draw. Remember, that running in Airsoft is your last resort as you want to remain undetected and running is useless against an opponent with a rapid-fire weapon anyway.

Because it fits on your belt the distance your hand must travel to get to the pistol during transition drills is shorter and therefore faster.

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Crosman Airsoft Holster



This is a cheap another ease of use nylon holster that fits onto your belt without you needing to untie your belt to attach it. Because it is on your belt draw times are shortened as explained earlier. The gun is held in place with a retention strap, which I would keep loose during gameplay so as to enable quick draws.

A negative about this holster is that if you are pushing your pistol deeply into the holster the front pillar sight might protrude and get stuck when trying to draw the pistol. On the other hand, you want your pistol to draw easily so you should not force your pistol in too tightly anyway.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy to use holster, then this one is for you.

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Blackhawk Omnivore



This holster can hold up to one hundred and fifty styles of handguns, like its name implies, it eats anything. This holster is made of Kydex. It comes with its own rail system adaptor as well. It has a belt loop for attachment to your belt.

This holster clips your gun into place with a thumb release button, which means if you use natural thumb leverage to draw the holster it will obviously come out quick. This is a faster release than the forefinger release of the LIVIQILY discussed above.

The negative is that this holster is quite large and bulky.

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In conclusion

 These holsters are recommendations. You may and most players usually do not agree on which holsters are the best. Keep in mind issues like the position of the pistol grip in relation to where you automatically feel for it and decide then. I feel for my pistol higher up than the position a leg drop holster provides. Also keep in mind how your pistol is released.

I hope this article gave you an idea of the best holster for your Airsoft pistol. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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