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The 5 Best Airsoft Scopes

Written by Harry Townsend

Airsofters have a love/hate relationship with scopes. Some say it is not necessary to have a scope, while others will not go without them. Today we will give valuable information to the pro-scopers on the variety out there and hope to convince the anti-scopers. Most of us will not use scopes unless on a DMR or sniper rifle. I will discuss two options, firstly cheap scopes and then expensive scopes and give you the best run down on the products out there. I would suggest that whatever option you choose, always consider extra protection for the front optics on your sight.

 AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope 4-16x50EG

 With this cope you will pay less and never miss your target. The tubeless design with a 33mm reflex lens aperture provides you a 15.8 at a 100m wide field of view.

With an easily adjustable 4-16 magnifications and distance, you can target successfully up to 100 yards. This sight is great for normal shooting, rapid-fire, or quick shooting at moving targets.

You can adjust this scope to suit your eyes: With a dual illuminated five brightness level Range Finding reticule, 4 different sizes of dots, and detachable green laser sight with a range of over 300m, ensures you can target your kills with the highest accuracy and with high hit probability every time.

This sight is easy to mount. Thanks to its built-in 22mm rail, this scope can easily be mounted to any 22mm or 11mm rails, in other words Picatinny or Weaver. Windage and elevation adjustments are made with 1/4 MOA audible-click stops and fingertip turrets.

This sight has a high-quality matte black finish, is 100% waterproof and shockproof ensuring this is the best choice you can make.

Considering this sight is a low-cost option The AR15 scope is noticeably clear due to the fully coated glass and provides good brightness and image clarity, which is impressive.

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Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 15 Scope

This scope is probably the cheapest and flimsiest out there, it will cost you less than $20, which means for its features its quite the goliath killer. Anyway, you will look stupid with an expensive scope on a cheap rifle. Here you have a great and accurate alternative.

What you basically need is a scope that fits snugly and is adjustable. For this amazingly simple sight you will receive great value for money and hit your target every time.

With its adjustable windage and elevation it fits a 3/8-inch dovetail. This little sight includes scope rings and as stated, it has a 4 X 15 magnification.

The scope has a crosshair reticule and is designed to be used in foggy conditions without loss of clarity. It is described as a shock-proof scope, but I would not even test that on my more expensive scopes. For $20 you will lose no sleep and if it does break you can simply buy a new one.

The sight looks extremely basic but we definitely recommend you give this one a try.

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Primary Arms 4-14 X 44 FFP Scope

 This is all in all a pretty handy sight.

Features include the fact that the first focal plane reticule stays true at all magnifications, it has six illumination settings powered by a common CR2032 battery. Between each illumination setting the scope powers off, so that you can keep it off to save on battery power.

It comprises a high-strength aircraft grade aluminium body, side-adjustable parallax, goes from 15 yards up to 1000 yards and onto infinity and it has a fast focus eye piece for crisp view of the target and reticule.

Furthermore, the 30mm main tube is compatible with your favorite rings and mounts, it has tactile and audible 1/10 MIL windage and elevation adjustments. You can hear the clicks.

This scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fog resistant, with that excellent glass clarity added. This is not a bad buy for the price you pay and comes highly recommended.

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UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope


 This sight looks great and works well.

This scope is a great airsoft accessory, but a bit heavy and large, so I wouldn’t install it on a cheap airsoft rifle because it may throw off your balance and aim.

As with many other scopes this one fits on any weapon equipped with either Picatinny or Weaver rails.

This is a 30-millimeter 3-12X44 tactical range estimating scope with a mil-dot, full 36-color EZ Tap reticule. The 30mm tube is sealed and nitrogen filled, to make it fog proof. The scope is also shock-proof and rain-proof.

The lenses are best in class multi emerald coated lenses. They have integrated angled front sunshades complete with flip-open lens caps. The circuit housing has been built for uninterrupted illumination even under heavy recoil, which means it is shockproof to an airsoft player.

The scope has premium zero locking and zero resetting target turrets with extremely consistent and precise adjustment. This sight also has a lifetime warranty.

When you buy the scope, it comes with flip-open caps and detachable rings straight out of the box, so you can use it with little preparation required.

This is probably one of the better scopes out there.

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GOHIKING 2.5-10×40 Hunting Rifle Scope

Unlike the scope mentioned above, this one is more lightweight and more compact. It mounts on Picatinny and Weaver rails, and it is delivered with all the necessary accessories, so you don’t really have to invest any further, unless you want to. It even comes with free gun hangars for that special touch.

The Gohiking scope is perfect for those of you who seek quality at a reasonable budget. It also has a great feature for starting snipers. The reason being that it is a scope and a sight laser in one.

A drawback is that it will not work in low light conditions. Fortunately, it does have five levels of brightness settings with red and green illumination. Indoors or under artificial lighting it will do the job perfectly fine. It will work fine as well in a field that has artificial lighting. Stay away from using it in dusk or dawn.

Its eyepiece is protected against scratches has a dioptric adjustment lens. Such a lens allows for extra field of view while eliminating most of the anomalies that could show up in the targeting image.

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In conclusion

I never used scopes until I took that first shot and hit my target right on his goggles. That was a great feeling, and I can still hear the sound of that hit. There are few things as exciting as being able to do that and with the scopes we featured today, combined with a quality airsoft gun, you will never be sorry. Seriously consider getting one of these scopes.

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