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How to Make a Ghillie Hood for Airsoft or Paintball

Airsoft Ghillie hood in action
Written by Harry Townsend

Do you want to be better at Airsoft? Then a good tactic is to not be seen in the first place! This is where a decent Ghillie Hood or suit can really help you blend in with your surroundings. Camouflage and concealment is obviously very important and finding the right Ghillie suit for your surroundings can be difficult because often your surroundings will change.  There are some pretty good Ghillie suits on the market but why spend up to 150 dollars when you can make one yourself.

 If you follow these simple steps, you will be left with a stunning Ghillie hood and will be able to blend into your environment and disappear out of sight of the enemy.

Homemade Ghillie suit for airsoft

Step 1:

First you’ll need to get your hands on a ROCOTACTICAL Sniper Ghillie Viper Hood (you can find these on Amazon)

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Step 2:

Once  the Ghillie hood has arrived you will need to get some different colour thread, these can be bought on amazon or you could dye your own string (with cloth dye) – this will match your environment better but it’s more time consuming and might cost a little bit more. You will also need the following colours of thread: tan, brown, green; different shades, and similar colours that match your surrounding vegetation.

Ghillie suit camouflage

Step 3:

Once you have these items you will need grab ten pieces of string for each loop. Variate the different colours depending on the season and what country you live in . In Summer use a ratio of 8 green string, 1 brown and 1 tan. This works well because there’s a lot of greenery in most countries in the summer and the brown and tan helps break up your silhouette and blend into shadows. In Autumn use 4 green, 3 tan and 3 brown. This works best for autumn because there is a lot of dead foliage and vegetation. In Winter use 8 green, 1 brown and 1 tan.  If you get a lot of snow in the winter you might want to add some greys and whites as well. Finally, in Spring you will want to use a ratio of 7 green, 2 brown and 1 tan. 

Airsoft Ghillie hood in action

These ratios can all be altered depending on your preference, where you live and where you play Airsoft.

Step 4:

Once you have your groups of ten ,simply double knot them round the loops on the Ghillie hood and repeat the process until your happy that everything has been covered.

Once you have finished steps 1-4  you will be left with a spectacular Ghillie hood that will conceal and camouflage yourself and you won’t be able to be spotted by the naked eye. You can also buy a viper cape from ‘Sprinter custom Ghillie’ that can be attached to your Ghillie hood but it’s not essential.

The overall cost should be around $60.00 to make your Ghillie hood. Remember to always mix in real foliage from the field you go to so you blend in even better.

Maintenance and cleaning:

For maintaining and cleaning your Ghillie hood and as a matter of fact for all Ghillie suits make sure to take all the dead vegetation and foliage after game days: you can do this by shaking your hood out and pulling bigger bits out by hand. On wet days, leave your Ghillie hood to dry and then take out the dead vegetation.

There isn’t actually a way to properly clean any type of Ghillie suit so your best bet is to clean them by hand, wiping any mud stains off, but then again you may want to keep that on for a more authentic look!

Hopefully you now have everything you need to make the best Ghillie suit on the battle ground!


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