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Best Cheap Airsoft Guns

Written by Harry Townsend

Our passions and hobbies can often turn out extremely expensive. Such is the case with Airsoft guns. High-end products often cost more than the hobbyists can spend. Luckily, there are brands that think about their potential clients with tight budgets.

Especially if you are a newcomer to this sport, you would most likely rather not spend $300-400 on something that you could eventually dislike. If you are here, I imagine that is your situation. For this article, I have created a list that combines the most valuable cheap options of all types of Airsoft Guns.

Once you have reached the final sentence of this article, you will already be familiar enough not to make the mistake that many others make. It is quite common that people spend their money on cheap guns that are made out of aluminum and plastic. And what happens next?

Their gun breaks down in just a few days or is already broken in the box. This leads to more investments which could have easily been made for a high-end gun in the beginning or it simply makes the person quit before experiencing the real thrill of Airsoft guns.


With this said, take a look at the following list of the best cheap options on the market.


Best Cheap Airsoft Pistols


Valken Tactical Airsoft 1911



Although this pistol only has a few parts made of metal, it will certainly endure a lot of abuse and will last you longer than you would expect for its price. Besides that, it has something that many beginners want with their first gun – a lot of power.

The power output with .20g BBs is around 350-400FPS which is relatively impressive for a pistol. With heavier BBs, the power output will decrease. The magazine is not the largest but it holds 20 rounds.

Overall, this is a great beginners option that is powerful and durable.





This attractive pistol is our second choice for a budget pistol for more than one reasons. It is an exact copy of the real firearm and it genuinely feels real when you hold it. Unfortunately, it has no blowback action and it will not give you that same feeling when you are shooting it.

A single CO2 cartridge can take several magazine reloads. The magazine itself holds 16 rounds which is relatively small. It has a hop-up unit which is a great addition to such a cheap pistol and it has a power output of 360FPS with .20g BBs.




1911 requires a higher budget than the two previous options but it is definitely a worthy choice. It is considered as one of the best CO2 pistols on the market today and is being used by advanced players as well.

It has the famous blowback action which makes you feel like you are firing a real firearm. It is made from metal and it promises to last long. In terms of performance, it will give you everything you can imagine. It shoots with the impressive 345-370FPS with .20g BBs and is incredibly accurate.

It has an adjustable hop that is built-in. You can add a suppressor or a variety of other accessories that will make this gun irreplaceable. Last but not least, you are entitled to a 60-day warranty period if any issues occur.


Best Cheap Airsoft Shotguns




Shotguns never fail to impress. And with the M3 shotgun by CYMA you will not feel underwhelmed even when you are surrounded by people with expensive Airsoft guns.

It has a polymer body which makes it very lightweight and it is surprisingly durable. It is accurate and has a hop-up which can also be adjusted for this purpose. It has a 3-round burst multi-shot feature which, however, may leave you out of ammo really quick if you abuse it.

Overall, this is a powerful shotgun that has a power output of around 300FPS. It will serve you long and well and is perfect for CQB situations.





This incredible aggressive looking shotgun promises reliability and endurance. It is made out of polymer-plastic and metal and it genuinely feels like a real shotgun when being fired.

It has a tri-shot barrel which means that every shot will be of three BBs. This gives you around 10 shots before you need to reload. The hop-up is not adjustable but it remains an accurate shotgun.

The manufacturers claim it gives a power output of 246FPS with .20g BBs.

BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle

The most affordable shotgun on our list is from BBTac and it is a steal for such low price. It is incredibly powerful for a gun in this price range standing at 400FPS with .12g BBs. Among its incredible additions are the spring loader and the free sling.

One of the drawbacks with this shotgun is the small round capacity. You will be able to fit only 14rounds. The second one is the material that was used to build it – ABS plastic. However, it does not get any better for under $50. In terms of accuracy, it is good enough for an affordable pump action shotgun.


Best Cheap Airsoft Rifles





This gun comes will appear slightly expensive compared to the other on our list but you will have a hard time finding a better option for under $150. After all, the AK series by CYMA has received enough appraisal for us to include it in our list.

Compared to rifles at the price range of several hundred dollars, CM028 will give you pretty much the same power and accuracy. It stands at around 350-400FPS with .20BBs and has two modes – semi-automatic and fully-automatic.


G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider



The G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider is a rifle that even advanced players use. It stands out with its incredible performance, attractive looks, and an incredible price.

The power output is somewhere between 370-400FPS depending on the BBs. It is incredibly accurate for shots under 150 feet and the magazine holds up to 450 rounds. Impressive right?

The disassembly and maintenance of this gun is bread and butter.  In addition, the stock is adjustable which makes it suitable for people of all sizes. You have countless options for upgrades as long as you want to continue with this rifle instead of investing in new ones.






An option for anyone that really doesn’t want to spend any money on trying our Airsoft guns. SIG 552 is priced at under $50 and is an exact replica of the real firearm. What makes it even a worthier investment are the accessories that come with the package. You receive tactical accessories, a flashlight, and an electric red-dot sight.

The gun is surprisingly durable having that it is made out of ABS plastic. It has a power of around 250FPS which is relatively low but enough if you plan on messing around with it with friends. If you want to participate in an airsoft game, however, it can be a little insufficient.

Still, it will be a useful rifle for CQB situations if you, in the end, decide to use it on the field. It is lightweight and fires at a decent rate. Overall, it is a great option for beginners.

Best Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifles




This is a sniper rifle that definitely sets the standards high for the other affordable snipers. It costs less than $100 but gives incredible performance in both power and accuracy.

It is an overall great looking gun with a polymer build which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It shoots with the incredible 450FPS and is accurate on targets at up to 200 feet. It has an adjustable hop-up and can be bought together with scope for maximum efficiency.

The magazine holds 27 BBs and the recommended weight is .20g. It is a sniper rifle that has been used by some of the best airsoft players in the world so it comes highly recommended. No other sniper in that price range comes close in terms of performance.





At a fairly higher price point(around $150), this sniper is considered as one of the greatest affordable options which do not stand far behind the expensive high-end snipers.

The firepower can get to as high as 430FPS with .20g BBs and that is before you decide to upgrade it. It is heavier than the M40A3 we talked about above and that is due to its metal parts. Still, anyone should be able to handle it freely.

The thing that makes this sniper stand out in its price range it the accuracy. It has an adjustable hop-up and a rail which can be used for a variety of scopes. Finally, it has a standard 36 round magazine.

Overall, if your budget allows you to get this gun, it is a worthy investment. You get incredible power, excellent accuracy and overall a very durable sniper rifle.

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