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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Written by Harry Townsend

Mastering the art of being a sniper is a path that many Airsoft enthusiasts have taken. It takes a lot more than the ability to be patient and quiet and wearing the correct stealth equipment. It actually takes a lot more than simply owning the perfect sniper gun as well. It all comes with experience.

This experience, however, cannot be obtained without a good sniper rifle. This is why we are here today. If you have made the decision to try the sniper role, prepare a lot of money and even more time. Read below and find out how to choose a sniper rifle and a list of the top choices in 2019.

The Different Types of Sniper Rifles

If you are already looking for a sniper rifle, the chances are you are already familiar with the three types of Airsoft guns – Gas Powered, Spring Powered, and AEGs. I will start with the worst option and get to the best in the end.

Gas Powered

Gas Powered sniper rifles are really something I would not normally advice. This is simply because they usually provide less muzzle velocity, require more maintenance to ensure the maximum performance, and just as complicated as spring powered rifles to shoot with.


In most cases, you will see beginners with AEG snipers rather than spring powered ones. I would advise for the opposite. Yes, AEGs are naturally the easiest to work with but they lack speed, accuracy, and range. It is rare to see an AEG sniper rifle with enough FPS without any necessary upgrades. Last but not least, a true sniper fan would want the real experience of shooting a single shot. You have heard the phrase “One shot, one kill”.

Spring Powered

The most optimal choice for both beginners and experienced snipers. They are designed just like the real thing giving you a single shot before you reload. It provides the best shot quality with the highest accuracy at the highest possible range.

Why is this the better option for beginners as well? Simply said, you will get a really well-built weapon that will endure a lot and you can instantly begin learning the hard way – by patience and a lot of shooting. Besides that, you do not have to worry about weather conditions.

How to choose the perfect Airsoft Sniper Rifle for yourself?

  1. Budget

Money always has the final decision in shopping. With Airsoft guns, however, quality comes with a price. Therefore, I would suggest that you spend the highest amount based on your budget in order to receive a truly wonderful gun instead of something unreliable.

  1. Are you Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level?

Of course, you can be a beginner and get an expensive gun for more experienced shooters, it is entirely up to you. If you want to climb up the ladder, however, there are various guns for all three levels of experience. Every gun in our list below will be specifically included to one of these categories as well.

  1. Upgrades

The majority of sniper rifles come ready out of the box. You can simply pick them up and start shooting. The more experienced shooters, however, always have not one or two upgrades in their pocket. The majority of high-end Airsoft snipers give you the opportunity to add tons of accessories and upgrades based on your desires.

  1. Type of gun

As you have already read the section above, you have most likely already decided on the type of rifle you want. AEGs and Gas powered sniper rifles gain popularity but I would always recommend the traditional spring powered rifles.

  1. Accuracy, Range, Muzzle Velocity

Accuracy will always be the top priority for sniper players. However, the speed and range stand just behind it in importance. By the time you finish this article, you will most likely already have one or two choices based on these three characteristics but it sometimes depends on external factors. Such are the rules of your local grounds. Some do not allow guns with higher FPS than 450, for example. Make sure you are familiar with the rules before actually making a purchase.


Which Are The 7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles In 2019?

Below are the Airsoft Sniper rifles that come highly recommended:





To start off, the MB4410 is one of the more affordable snipers on our list while it lives up to the performance of far superiorly priced guns. It comes with a 4-16×50 illuminated scope which serves for the incredible fundamental accuracy.

You can fire with up to 430FPS without any upgrades which is impressive for a gun at this price point. Speaking of price, you will hardly find a better option under $200 which makes this gun even more impressive. It is heavy but not as heavy to be a problem for teenagers as well.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this sniper for beginners but at this price point and characteristics, it would be perfect for any player.


JG Bar-10



JG Bar-10 is one of the popular choices nowadays. It certainly takes one of the top spots as both one of the most beautiful and accurate snipers that you can find. With an output of around 400FPS, it can easily be upgraded to higher numbers. The magazine holds 30 rounds and it comes with a 3-0x40 scope in the package.

Muzzle velocity and accuracy are the two most important aspects of shooting with a sniper. The JG Bar-10 has this and a lot more to offer. It is a gun perfect for anyone from the beginner to the advanced level.





Although I mentioned that AEGs are not always sufficient, the GR25 by G&G is a behemoth of a sniper. It is huge and it is heavy. Definitely a gun that is not recommended for beginners.

The muzzle velocity is once again around 400FPS and can be upgraded easily according to your personal taste and requirements. The magazine is sufficiently larger standing at 50 rounds. It is a mid-cap magazine which can be upgraded as well.

In terms of BBs, I would suggest using heavier ones. For example, 0.25g 6mm BBs will ensure that you get maximum efficiency from your shooting.




If we have to talk about muzzle velocity and pinpoint accuracy, the MB13 definitely comes to mind. Standing at 480FPS, it is a sniper rifle that is stronger and faster than the majority of others that have been upgraded. Unbelievably enough, it is just as accurate. Once again, I would suggest using heavier BBs as you surely want the highest accuracy possible.

The only thing I dislike about this sniper is the small 12 round magazine. The stock and hop-up can be customized and adjusted, just as the zoom from the 3-9×40 scope. Although you can already be very precise in the long-distance shooting with the out of the box MB13, it can be upgraded to an even more dangerous weapon.

KJW M700




As we mentioned in the beginning, you should stay away from gas powered sniper rifles. They are expensive, hard to maintain, powerless, etc. Still, we should honor this type of weapons by mentioning the KJW M700.

It is a really sturdy gas powered sniper rifle that will endure a lot of games but is not a gun to trust for accuracy. It is, however, your best option if you continue wanting a sniper on gas. It is known for its power. The manufacturers claim muzzle velocity of over 500FPS but this, of course, is debatable with gas powered weapons.

With this said, it comes with a 22 round magazine and iron sights which is rare. A key fact to remember is that your accuracy depends on the amount of gas you have remaining, therefore, accuracy drops with every shot.


 Novritsch SSG24




Somewhere among the most expensive Airsoft Sniper Rifles stands the Novritsch SSG24. It is a gun that has been customized entirely and offers the highest performance. It is a gun that has been created to ensure superior accuracy but due to these characteristics lacks flexibility.

Depending on the upgrades you decide to make, this sniper has the potential to reach 650FPS which is simply extreme. Simply said, this is literally an overkill on the field. Also depending on the gun you customize for yourself are the BBs you will be using. The base version which is the cheapest, however, works best with 0.20g BBs.

Overall, this is a weapon with a hefty price tag. It is incredibly accurate from out of the box and it can endure a lot of beating on the field, but if you want it to become truly powerful, you will have to make some additional investments.

TSD Tactical SD97



The SD97 by TSD is one of the most popular choices nowadays for its incredible design and overall durability and performance. It is an incredibly strong Airsoft sniper rifle standing at over 500FPS of muzzle velocity. Shoot it with .20g BBs and you will be able to accurately hit targets at extreme distances.

The integrated rail system allows for a wide range of upgrades. The rear stock and hop-up are adjustable as is the case with most advanced sniper rifles. It also comes with a 3-9×40 scope and a 23 round magazine. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners as it appears to be a little heavy.

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