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Written by Harry Townsend

Airsoft Pistols are the most common type of gun for a beginner although I would recommend choosing a rifle if it were up to you. At the same time, a pistol is your best option for a secondary weapon. They are light and take no extra space, they are reliable, and last but not least, they are realistic.

Everyone should have a primary weapon but not every rifle, shotgun, or another type of gun can reach the potential of a pistol in CQB situations. When you get caught in a tight situation, a pistol will give you a lot more space to work with rather than the substantially larger primary gun.

Think of the pistol as a backup plan and possibly your savior. Needless to say, it is also a great gun for training.

Overall, owning a pistol and using it as a sidearm is a great tactic that can save your life in CQB situations during a field game. There are actually also ‘Pistols Only’ games that you will be able to participate in which are actually way more fun that you expect.

Last but not least, high-quality Airsoft pistols are the cheapest option out of all the high-end airsoft guns. As I mentioned in the beginning, I recommend getting a rifle as your first weapon since with it you can learn every aspect of the game. However, if you are not sure whether you will enjoy airsoft or not, a pistol is a worthy affordable choice for a first gun.

Gas Pistols



Gas pistols are the most widespread type due to their strength and accuracy. There are various types of gas that is available but the CO2 pistols are the most common. They do not underperform in cold weather compared to green gas pistols. Besides that, CO2 pistols are also the strongest ones together with Propane pistols which are significantly rare.

If you decide on a CO2 pistol make sure you choose a high-end one that has been solidly-built with quality materials. CO2 guns take a lot of repeated pressure which makes them wear out faster than usual.

If you are a fan of real firearms and want the pistol in your hands to feel as it were real, then buy one with gas blowback action. You will feel every shot as if it was a real gun with a real bullet.

The only drawback with CO2 pistols is that you can be left with no power to shoot in the middle of the fight. Therefore, make sure you always know how many magazines you emptied. This way, you will know when exactly you need to switch to a new one during a fight.

Spring Pistols


The Spring powered cousins of the CO2 pistols are often relatively inexpensive but also hold a lot fewer capabilities. After all, these pistols are single-shot. They are a good choice for beginners or intermediate level players but in advanced field games, it’s a no-go.

Spring pistols make great secondary weapons in a situation when you catch someone off guard and want to finish him quick. Of course, this refers to CQB situations. However, these guns have a number of drawbacks.

One of them is certainly their lack of power. This weakness can sometimes lead to the person being hit with your shot not even feeling it through the defensive gear.  What happens then? You lose. Therefore, you really need to be sure that the person is close enough and will be caught off guard.

The next drawback is definitely accuracy. Without hop-up units, you should not expect your BBs to be exactly on point.

Last but not least, I mentioned that Spring pistols are definitely the cheapest option for a pistol there is. This often means that they were also made of poor quality materials such as plastic. In addition, it is widely known that manufacturers often say that they have no interest in producing pistols but they do it anyway simply because people often want cheaper guns.

AEPs (Airsoft Electric Pistols)


This type of Airsoft pistols aren’t widely known and used but they do exist. To be fair, AEPs are like the terminator level of an airsoft pistol. This is simply because compared to CO2s, they will endure a lot more work and will not overheat.

Since they are not that popular yet, your options on the market will be limited. As for upgrades, the options are even fewer. However, Tokyo Marui and CYMA have some great models to offer. Last but not least, they are often really affordable. If the thought of a semi or fully-automatic pistol sounds pleasing, you will not be disappointed by this type of Airsoft Pistols.



The Best Airsoft Pistols of 2019

Whether you will fall in love with one of the following models or not, our list includes the worthiest options from all three types of Airsoft pistols we discussed above. We have also included our top budget pick for newcomers in the end.

Many other pistols deserve a mention but here is our list of the best of the best:


Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1


Hi-Capa 5.1 is one of the most popular gas blowback airsoft pistols on the market. It is also one of the most reliable options. This gun will last you long, so consider it a long-term investment.

Tokyo Marui has a wide selection of upgrades available for this pistol. In terms of power, it is not one of the strongest guns straight out of the box, therefore, you may actually need to upgrade it. It stands at around 300FPS when shooting .20g BBs.

It comes with a 31 round magazine and adjustable sights. Although the external frame is plastic, this gun will endure a lot of abuse.




CO2 Guns with a blowback feature usually make you feel like you are shooting a real firearm. The Elite Force 1911 Tac does exactly this. It is a strong and heavy gun made entirely from metal. With .20g BBs you can reach up to 370FPS as muzzle velocity.

This is one of the pistols that allow their users to make all the little upgrades the heart could desire. After all, it comes with a built-in rail. If you own this gun, do not miss out on the chance to make it one of a kind.

Accurate shots are what this gun was made to do, so it is an easy one to learn with. In case you find something troublesome about this gun, you can take advantage of the 60-day warranty period.


Crosman US Marines SP02 6mm Caliber Airsoft Pistol



Crosman SP02 is one of the most affordable choices on our list today and this is mainly because it is spring powered. These types of pistol naturally have lower prices as they are not common in the field. Having a single-shot pistol does not sound optimistic during a game.

Anyway, SP02 comes with a 12 round magazine. It’s muzzle velocity capabilities go as high as 325FPS with .20g BBs. You can use any caliber with this airsoft pistol.

Overall, this is not a gun I would recommend for advanced players since it will be insufficient during a field game. I would rather give it to the beginners as Airsoft pistols are good to learn on.





The only AEP we include in our list is the G18C by CYMA. This well-balanced Glock is made out of polymer with internal parts made of metal. This means it will not overheat under any condition, even in the coldest environments.

Although this gun has a lower power output than our other picks with 220FPS, it makes up for it with its incredible rate of fire. You can use it at fully-automatic or switch to semi-automatic depending on the situation. It is a great secondary gun for snipers and can be your savior in CQB situations. Lastly, the magazine holds 30 rounds.





This full-metal blowback pistol is one incredible machine. It can be used with both green gas and CO2 and in both cases, it gives a power output of over 320FPS.

The construction of this gun is excellent and ensures that it will last you long. The only plastic part is the grip. It is easy to handle and it gives an incredibly realistic feel. You can expect high accuracy in both CQB situations and more distant shots up to 130 feet.  For this, I would recommend .20g BBs or heavier for precise accuracy.



Valken Tactical Airsoft 1911 – Budget Option



I include this pistol as the best option for newcomers who are not sure about spending a lot on their first gun. It is a detailed copy of a true American classic. Sadly, it doesn’t have blowback action but it will work incredibly as a secondary weapon.

Since it is a really cheap option for a pistol it is not made entirely out of metal. It does, however, have a relatively high muzzle velocity. You can expect a power output of between 350-400FPS using .20g BBs. If this sounds too high for you, try heavier BBs and the power will decrease. As for the magazine, it holds 20 rounds.

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