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Best Airsoft Gun Brands 2019

Written by Harry Townsend

As years pass by, the Airsoft sport continuously gains popularity and with it, the numbers of gun manufacturers constantly increase. This has lead to an overflowing market of brands and products that could leave even the most experienced enthusiast confused.

Which brand is more reliable? Is this brand suitable for beginners? Is the more expensive option really worth the extra cash? The answers to these and more questions can be found below. We have chosen the two most reliable brands  for the following categories of buyers:

– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Advanced

What does a good Airsoft brand offer to its customers?

High-Quality Products

Obviously, if you are new in the world of Airsoft guns, you would hardly know which products are the better ones among the brands. However, you can easily look for certain details and characteristics that could help you with your choice.

To begin with, it is not hard to tell when certain materials are more reliable and durable. Guns made entirely out of metal should be your priority. In addition to that, you should find out whether the gun model has been previously tested before being put on sale.

Customer Service

Airsoft guns complex products which will need repairs at some point, no matter if they are cheap or high-end. No brand can call itself a good one if their customer service is unreliable. What you should expect from your gun manufacturer is to help you find the replacements parts and how to fix your issues as quickly as possible.



Does Quality come with Price?

This is a question we ask about practically every piece of equipment or product in our lives. With Airsoft guns, that is almost always correct. For example, you cannot buy a cheap gun from a random store and expect it to last long. You will not find the good brands there either.

If you plan on making Airsoft guns your new hobby, you should think about the money you spend as an investment. In the long run, one or two expensive high-quality guns will be the far cheaper option than buying a new cheap one every month.

Ideally, the superior brands usually have higher prices but they offer durable guns made of expensive materials. Besides the materials, you will receive a gun that performs exceptionally rather than something that will overheat, jam, or etc.

Best Airsoft Gun Brands For Beginners



Cybergun is a French brand that has a somewhat different approach. Yes, their guns are made from ABS plastic which decreases the durability and overall quality. However, I guarantee you will be left surprised. At this low price range, their guns simply leave all the other brands behind.

Cybergun is known for having licensing agreements with various firearms manufacturers. Therefore, a fair amount of their low-priced guns are actually exact copies of the real thing. In addition, they offer a variety of fictional guns which are so widely adored by fans nowadays.

Overall, the majority of their guns cost under $100. This means that you can try several cheap options in order to find what type of weapon suits you most. The quality exceeds the expectations for this price range and you get the opportunity to try out dozens of accessories to get familiar with every aspect of the game.


You will most likely hear that guns from China are unreliable and shouldn’t be bought. That is usually the case but CYMA is a Chinese brand that has a solid reputation for making affordable copies of high-end Airsoft guns at an acceptable quality range.

Interesting enough, they often use a mix of metal and plastic which gives a sense of durability compared to the majority of cheaper brands out there. What makes this brand our second choice for beginners is the fact that they offer a variety of gun lines that cost almost nothing. This, together with the fact that the quality is higher than expected.

Best Airsoft Gun Brand For Intermediate Players



SoftAir USA

SoftAirUSA is a company with a solid reputation known for its focus on high performance. Compared to the brands listed above, their products come at a significantly higher price but with significantly improved construction and durability. However, they have room for improvement in order to reach the best in the business.

The majority of their weapons are entirely made of metal which makes them heavier but sturdier. Their selection is versatile enough that anyone who wants to take a step ahead from the cheapest guns can find a gun.



ICS is a brand based in Taiwan that is known for the durability of their guns. If you have never tried something by them before, you will be left surprised with how easy those guns are to maintain. This is due to their split gearbox design.

Before you choose ICS, you need to know that their guns are not always compatible with accessories by other brands. Do not let this change your perception as almost all guns by ICS come with all the necessary accessories in the package.

Best Airsoft Gun Brands For Advanced Players


Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui is, of course, a brand that you should have already heard about even if you are new in the business. It is the brand that everyone thinks of when thinking about a new high-end gun. It is also the brand that gets copied the most by the cheaper brands like CYMA.

They are based in Japan but are available basically everywhere globally. Their guns are exceptional in terms of build, performance, and durability. Even the options with ABS bodies will last you longer than expected.

A lot of their models have customizable gearboxes. If you want to enhance a certain performance characteristic, their guns will give you this opportunity. In addition, this is the first time I am mentioning accuracy in today’s review. It is one of the characteristics that Tokyo Marui is definitely known about.

Overall, their guns definitely do not come cheap but you can rest assured that they will last you long even if you plan to abuse them on the field.


Based in Hong Kong, G&P is one of those exceptional brands that take Airsoft guns to the next level. They are known for making military simulation and training designs that are actually being used for this same purpose around the globe.

They are mostly known for their AEGs but you will have a wide range of choices for any type of medium or close range guns. If you are looking for a sniper or anything long-ranged, G&P is not the brand for you.

What I can say is that every AEG by G&P is assembled and tuned by hand. Their guns are not simply made out of metal but they additionally add real-steel coating which makes the firearms look as if they are real.

Overall, if you are ever in need of a durable mid to close range weapon, do not think twice when considering G&P as an option.

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