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6 Best Airsoft Tactical Vests

Written by Harry Townsend

Airsoft Guns may not shoot real bullets but they could still cause a variety of injuries. You may already own the most incredible arsenal of guns but without protective eyewear and a tactical vest, you are definitely not ready to go.

Today, we will discuss the importance of tactical vests and then give you a list of the 6 top choices on the market. This list will combine affordable vests and options for people who do not mind spending the extra dollar for the premium quality equipment.

Besides the basic protective purpose, tactical vests give you extra space for accessories. You can carry additional magazines, batteries, and everything your guns of choice may require in certain situations.


The Characteristics of a Good Tactical Vest

Just like Airsoft guns, the market for tactical vests is incredibly abundant. Prices range from $20 to over $100. In these conditions, you need to know how to choose a valuable product that fits your budget.


To begin with, your vest shouldn’t make you slow and take your freedom of movement. Look for something that feels good on you without making you feel like you can’t move.


Tactical vests in Airsoft should supposedly last you years of heavy usage. Look for quality materials and always check how the vest was sewn. Therefore, here is an obvious tip but try to get a vest manufactured by one of the large Airsoft brands.


Color, in this case, does not refer to you looking incredibly good in the vest. Do not worry, tactical vests are cool no matter the color. What I mean is to get something that blends in the environment you plan to play at. Get familiar with your local field or at least whether you will play indoors or outdoors.

Types of Airsoft Vests

Obviously, there is not a single type of vest to choose from. You can choose from a Plate Carrier, Cross Draw, or Harness & Battle Belt. If you know your role of play already, you can easily choose the type of vest you need.

It is close to the mind that a plate carrier means that there is space for a plate inside the vest. It is the best option for CQB situations. Airsoft Plates are not the same as real armor plates, therefore, are much cheaper and lighter.

Cross draw vests are the most popular among players as they are the easiest to put on and off. They also come with sewn pouches so this work is taken away from you.

The third and final type – Harness & Battle Belt are used by players who really need to carry a lot of accessories and equipment. It is the perfect option for the sniper role and you can often add additional pouches if required.


As I already mentioned above, the secondary purpose of a vest is carrying additional magazines, tools, and accessories. The best brands in the business always make sure their vests have as many pouches as the model allows so as long as you focus on the good brands, you do not have to think about that.

The 6 Best Airsoft Tactical Vests

Below are the tactical vests which come highly recommended.

Condor 7 Pocket Tactical Chest Rig

We will start with a product that ideally represents the best low budget option. It is actually not an entire vest but a chest rig. It will not provide full protection of your torso but it can work perfectly for the role of a sniper, for example. For roles that include CQB situations, I would recommend choosing one from the following models on the list.

This chest rig will give you a lot of additional space with its high number of pouches. You have three magazine pouches that can fit up to six M4/M16 magazines, two utility pouches, and others.

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UTG 10 Piece Complete Kit Rig



On the other side of things, we would like to present a complete kit rig that will make you look like a professional player even if you are just beginning your journey in Airsoft. You will be protected from all sides and have storage space for practically everything.

There are pouches for a phone, a flashlight, magazines, utilities, and literally everything you can think of. Although this vest sits at a fairly high price point, it is an incredible investment if you plan on participating in serious games. Last but not least, it is adjustable, therefore can fit practically anyone, and can be bought in different colors depending on the environment you play in.

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GZ XINXING Tactical Combat Vest


This is the kind of vest that you can rest assured about. It is a robust vest that will last years of heavy usage. It is entirely adjustable and has Velcro closures. Basically, it will fit a person from any size.

This vest has been manufactured in a way that it ensures flexibility and ventilation. It has a wide variety of pouches included and also a pistol holster that is made to fit the majority of medium-framed pistols.

Overall, it is a heavy tactical vest but one of extreme quality that is exceptional at its price range.

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Voodoo Tactical MSP-06 Entry Assault Vest


Unlike the other vests on our list, this one has a removable pistol holster that can actually be attached at various positions on the vest. This way, you can put it at an angle which is comfortable for you to withdraw quickly in CQB situations. With this vest, you can even attach a gun on your back due to its Molle tab.

The vest itself is very adjustable and has two magazine pouches with flaps. You can easily add more pouches according to your needs on the field.

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Yakeda Tactical Vest


Easily our favorite on the list, this vest by Yakeda is extremely lightweight and holds enough pouches to carry equipment for a few all at once. Each one of these pouches is also removable.

Among the many pouches are those for magazines and shells, and a flip pocket for first aid equipment. Even with all this equipment on, this vest remains flexible and will not intrude with your freedom of movement.

It is entirely adjustable from the shoulder and side straps and will fit any man or woman. This model is often used for other purposes such as mountaineering besides our favorite sport with Airsoft guns.

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This vest by Smartstandard is another one of those that set the standards high. I would recommend this one for advanced players that know their way around things and would afford to spend a bit more.

It is made out of the highest quality materials but remains surprisingly lightweight having the materials and all the different compartments. You get a variety of pouches and pockets which can be attached throughout  the entire vest according to your needs.

Last but not least, it has a special quick release system which allows you to remove it on the spot.

Overall, this is a beautiful vest which ensures that you are both well protected and fully equipped for any Airsoft game.

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