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12 Best Airsoft Guns of 2019

Written by Harry Townsend

The world of Airsoft guns has come a long way since its beginning in the 1980s. While it all started in Japan, today, Airsoft Games are a widespread hobby and entertainment action to people of all ages.

To win on the winning side of a game, you need to be both skilled and equipped with high-quality gear. If anyone ever tells you that cheap and expensive weapons have no difference, trust me, simply end the conversation. If you are new in the business, simply try to stay away from the lowest prices.

They are tempting and quite often the guns look convincingly good, but we do not want you to experience receiving a false gun that is already broken in the box. Continue reading below and find out which are the hottest Airsoft guns of 2019 and how to choose the perfect one for yourself.

The Different Types of Guns

Airsoft Guns are complete replicas of real firearms with the difference being the projectiles they shoot. Since guns are hard to obtain in the majority of countries worldwide, Airsoft guns which look exactly alike have gained massive popularity.

Although you can find thousands of options in terms of shapes, sizes, and styles, the engine variations which give power to the gun are only three. These, accordingly are:

– Automatic Electric Guns(AEGs)

– Spring Powered Guns

– Gas Powered Guns

Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

The most typical and common option used by hobbyists is the AEG. Nothing comes as close to real firearms as this type of Airsoft guns. They are equipped with an electric motor which allows you to fire continuous projectiles as long as you hold the trigger.

Now, the more advanced and expensive models allow you to choose between three options – fully automatic, burst fire, and single fire.  This is what makes them so useful and widely chosen by either hobbyists or professionals.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

Guns with a spring operating system are the cheapest type of Airsoft guns. Simply said, guns with this system are often underpowered compared to the other two types, and also require a reset after each shot.

For weapons with this system, I would recommend snipers, for example, as snipers will rarely fire at fast rates and can afford to reset after every single shot. However, you will rarely see a professional use a spring powered gun. This type is more common for beginners as it is a simple weapon that is low in price and power.

Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas powered guns are extremely fun and satisfying to play with as they heavily mimic the gunshots of real firearms. The most common guns with a gas operating system are pistols and professionals usually use them as a secondary weapon, next to their primary AEG.

The usual two variations have either a small refillable gas tank or a removable container that can be replaced. The only drawback with these weapons is the cold weather. Be prepared for decreased performance if you decide to use them in terrible weather conditions.

What to look for in an Airsoft Gun

I realize that the market is overpopulated with different brands and models. No matter if you look for cheap, mid-tier, or high-end weapons, there will be enough options to blow your mind. Therefore, there are a couple of characteristics you need to look for in order to make the right choice.

Feet Per Second

Commonly known as FPS, the feet per second are regularly used to measure the velocity at which a gun fires projectiles. Now, for competitions and private ranges, you will face a lot of restrictions. Usually, it is all made for safety reasons but if your gun has a higher FPS, you will not be allowed to use it. My tip is, consider getting a gun with under 400 FPS if you plan on using it on a range.


Accuracy is another characteristic which is tightly connected to FPS. Whether you will hit your opponent or not during a game depends on it. Feet per second are not sufficient enough. In most cases, it all comes to whether your scope is calibrated, your inner barrel length, and others. 

These factors are similar to real firearms, so a longer barrel will be more accurate in all cases. Also, adjustable sights on guns are a great addition.

Rail Systems

Not every gun has a rail system. Usually, it is an addition to the more advanced and expensive models. It gives you the chance to externally upgrade your weapon by adding accessories such as flashlights, grips, optics, etc. 

Why Are Expensive Airsoft Guns Better

I understand it sounds like a lot to spend $300+ on your first gun when you really do not know whether you will love it or not. However, in this hobby, quality comes at a higher price.

If you decide to buy a budget gun instead, do not expect it to last you long. Most commonly, these ones come from China and are made from lighter and unreliable products. You will pay the low price in the beginning, and then have to invest again and again until you realize that you could have gone for the good one once instead. 

The Difference in Ammo Weight

Let’s divide the different ammunition into three categories – light, mid-range, and heavy.

The lightest BBs are usually 0.12g and are particularly for close-range situations. Most commonly, they are used with spring guns that fire with lower muzzle velocity. Do not use them on advanced guns as these light BBs can severely damage them.

The mid-range BBs are the most common as they are usually compatible with the majority of Airsoft guns, whether they are light or heavy. Such BBs are between 0.20g and around 0.30g.

Heavy BBs are designed for long-distance shots and ensure maximum accuracy. I advice using heavier BBs that are above 0.30g with snipers and AEGs with extreme power rates.

The 12 Best Airsoft Guns in 2019

By now, you should already be well informed about the basics of Airsoft guns. Now comes the fun part – the 12 best Airsoft guns in 2019.


I already mentioned how real CO2 guns feel in your hands, especially if they have the blowback feature. The Elite Force 1911 Tac feels like you are shooting a real firearm. Constructed entirely from metal, it is a heavy gun which possesses a lot of power – the impressive 345-370 FPS while shooting 0.20g BBs.

The pistol comes with a built-in rail, so if you are a fan of accessories, with this gun you can have a lot of fun. In addition, you can even add a suppressor or a mock silencer on the threaded tip.

In terms of accuracy, you can expect high precision due to the built-in adjustable hop. Last but not least, Elite Force promises a 60-day Warranty period from the day of the purchase.

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G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider

The G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider is one of the greatest available rifles for both beginners and professionals. It is one of those guns I strongly recommend if you are just starting out. The Raider is an AEG(Automatic Electric Gun) and is simultaneously affordable, easy to use, and looks like a very modern M4 carbine.

Its muzzle velocity is rated somewhere between 370 and 400FPS. It fires 6mm BBs, and the magazine can hold up to 450 rounds. You can expect accurate shots on targets under 150 feet away with the adjustable sights.

Everything about this gun is simple and easy to use. Anyone can disassemble it, even a beginner, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, similar to a real M4, the stock is adjustable for people of different sizes.

Last but not least, it comes with a seven-inch rail which gives you the opportunity to mount various accessories. Overall, it is an extremely affordable entry level rifle that will endure a lot.


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The VFC H&K 416A5 is the definition of power. It is a gun that easily blows away the competition without requiring any additional touches or upgrades. A gun perfect for both beginners and advanced, it is designed for CQB situations and possesses some impressive features:

– Quick Change Spring System
– Rear Flip-up Sights
– Retractable Crane Stock

It is not simply powerful, it is accurate as well due to the 300mm inner barrel. Similar to the majority of AEG rifles, it comes with full and semi-automatic modes, and holds a 320-round magazine. In terms of power, it can fire with over 390FPS.


This licensed Kriss Vector gun is definitely a jewel and one of the most interesting models on the market in 2019. It is a new version with a lot of improvements. It is a complete replica of the original Kriss Vector. It is another AEG rifle that is specially constructed for CQB situations.

Situated at 340-360FPS, this rifle is just about perfect for any range. You will be allowed to use it anywhere. It shoots 0.20g BBs at the impressive rate of 24+ per second. In addition, it comes with an additional firing mode – 2-round burst which comes handy next to the semi and full-auto firing modes.

The latest tests have shown that this rifle is not only extremely fast but just as accurate as well. However, I wouldn’t put it on the beginner side of guns as it is a lot less affordable compared to the guns listed above.

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JG Bar-10

One of the most beautiful snipers on the market today, the JG Bar-10 is a precise weapon which will satisfy any owner. The sniper role is one that requires patience and accuracy. The patience is up to you but this rifle will give you the extreme accuracy you need. That is what makes it so amazing for both beginners and experienced shooters.

It holds a 400 FPS output but it has the capabilities to go as hard as 500FPS as well. It holds exactly 30 rounds and comes with a 3-9×40 scope which, if you are unfamiliar, is more than you can require as a beginner.

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This sniper AEG will be a monster in the hands of anyone dedicated to this role. This giant gun has a full metal construction and is significantly heavy. For this reason only, I would not recommend it to a beginner.

The out of the box muzzle velocity is between 360 to 400FPS but can be easily upgraded to a lot more. Although it can be used with a variety of BBs, for maximum efficiency and accuracy use 0.20g – 0.25g 66mm BBs.

It has a semi-automatic firing mode and comes with a 50 round Mid-cap sniper magazine which can be upgraded to a High-cap. It is one heavy beast of a gun but it compensates with exclusive utilities which at the same time make it a complete gun but allow upgrades if desired.

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A&K M249 Paratrooper

The A&K M249 Paratrooper is the perfect choice for anyone taking the Machine Gunner role.  For an Airsoft gun of such volumes, it happens to be extremely affordable.

The construction is full metal and holds a 2400 round magazine. It shoots with up to 380FPS and is surprisingly accurate for such a fast firing gun. It comes with some important additions such as nylon fiber reinforced parts and adjustable sights.

It will take some time to get used to the weight but it will impress anyone on the field with its performance.

Crosman US Marines SP02 6mm Caliber Airsoft Pistol

Our second pistol of the day and the first spring Airsoft gun in our list. Before we get to the characteristics of this pistol, may I remind you that spring powered guns are single-shot and probably the easiest to acquire as their prices are extremely affordable.

This Airsoft pistol holds a 12 round magazine and shoots with up to 325FPS of muzzle velocity. Although there is no suggested caliber weight, it shoots 6mm BBs.

This is a good looking gun which is great for beginners. If you are not ready to dive in the sea of expensive models, this is a perfect option for you.

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This Sniper rifle combines pinpoint accuracy at great distances while shooting with the extreme muzzle velocity of 480FPS. At this price point, it is an unbelievable machine perfect for both beginners and professionals.

It comes with a 3-9×40 scope, a 12 round magazine, and adjustable stock and hop-up. I suggest using heavier BBs to increase accuracy.  With the adjustable zoom,  you will be able to hit targets from extreme distances. Last but not least, you can upgrade it with various accessories.

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Back to another Rifle, the LCT AK-104 is an expressive AEG perfect for both beginners and advanced shooters. This jewel of a gun will make you feel like you are holding a real-steel AK. A lot of the original characteristics have been preserved such as the nylon fiber handguard.

It is a heavy gun that will endure a lot similar to a real AK. If you use 0.20g BBs the muzzle velocity should be between 400-450FPS. You can shoot it either on semi-automatic or full-automatic and it holds a 130 round Mid-cap magazine.

It is specially equipped with a multi-position stock which can be regulated for different situations. You also have lower and upper rails for as many accessories as you can think of.

Overall, if you prefer guns that entirely match real firearms and at the same time want something efficient that will last you years, the AK-104 is your perfect match.

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VFC Avalon Saber AEG

The VFC Avalon Saber is unique both by design and performance. It is an Airsoft rifle for people that want to stand out. Unlike other models that just look good, this gun is a beast on the field.

It holds a 120 round Mid-cap magazine and shoots at around 380FPS. It has a good grip, it fits well and easy in the hands, and it impresses with pinpoint accuracy. Besides that, it has an extended upper rail which allows a lot of easy upgrades. It is easy to maintain which makes it even more perfect for beginners.

To be fair, I can hardly find any negativities with this gun. The only downside is that you have to buy a battery separately.

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Tokyo Marui Scorpion VZ61

This gun has to be mentioned as it is the perfect weapon for an Assaulter which is a position I have not yet mentioned. If you love adrenaline and prefer close quarters games, look no more, the Scorpion VZ61 is the gun for you.

It is a complete replica of the original Czechoslovakian firearm which continues to be in use. The Airsoft version itself is very solid and sturdy. It has a folding metal stock which makes it suitable for people of all ages. The Hop-up is adjustable as well but the front and rear sights are unfortunately fixed.

You can either use it on semi-auto or full-auto. It has a lower muzzle velocity than the previous guns on this list – around 250FPS. After all, it is a gun for CQB situations. Finally, the magazine holds up to 58 rounds and 0.20g – 0.25g BBs are the best option.

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